A lot of digital ink has been spilled in the lead-up to the The Wolverine trailer debut, to the point where I think it became a bit Wolverine-Teaser-Postermuddled what was and wasn’t coming. Naturally Fox managed to be the most graceless studio when it came to the whole trailer for trailers thing.

For me, all of the nonsense was undoing a lot of the quietly optimistic buzz I felt was building from director James Mangold’s tweets (and Vines) and Jackman’s confidence. All of that was great until, as I tweeted to Tim, Fox showed up to the party drunk, pissing out shitty posters and vomiting up footage all over the floor. We’ve finally arrived at the actual, real trailer though, and we get two for our effort! Released with 30 minutes of each other, the international trailer is above, with the domestic trailer below. Consensus seems to be that the latter is an improvement, though I think I prefer the International trailer.

I don’t know how to feel about this- there is a sense of small, cheapness that reminds me too much of the first Wolverine solo film. This is clearly not the disaster Origins is, but it could still be hella worthless. At least there is a clear sense of Logan being put into a situation where he has to fight lots of Ninjas without all of his usual powers, rather than some¬†convoluted¬†bullshit. Stakes! No bone claw tease yet, so far as I noticed.


via Collider