We’ve all been looking forward to a Sin City game, ever since the comic was released. The style would work beautifully for a game and they wouldn’t even have to change much. Hell, just controlling Marv on a black and white rampage of destruction would be fun.

A game was announced back in May, but no real details have been announced yet. We now at least know it’s going to look great, though. Red Mile Entertainment announced today that they’re going to be using the Unreal Engine 3 to make the stylized game come to life. If you haven’t heard of that game engine before, well, you’ve played with it… it’s been used to power everything from Gears of War to Mass Effect to Stranglehold. This makes for a very good chance that we’ll be seeing this game on the XBox 360 and PS3, as well as on PCs.

The game will be based on the comic, not the film, which is actually good because it allows them a bigger playing field. Plus, we won’t have to see Jessica Alba not get naked again.

Course, that doesn’t change the fact that the developer hasn’t made anything on the level of this property before. Its previous games include Jackass (PS2, PSP), Gripshift (PSP, Xbox Live Arcade), and uh…. Lucinda Green’s Equestrian Challenge (PS2).

Although to be fair, Frank Miller has said in the past that he thinks they’re up to the task.

"Taking Sin City into the world of video games is very exciting–games offer a whole new way to bring audiences into Sin City," exclaimed Miller. "The Red Mile team has impressed me with its dedication to creating Sin City video games that will remain true to Sin City as I’ve always seen it."

We shall see. At least now we know they’re going to have no excuses for not getting the look right.