3_26_sansabranaryaGame of Throne’s third season will premiere on HBO this Sunday. Dragons, White Walkers, deplorable inbred kings, it’s all coming back!

And you can bet your chapped ass the Stark children will be back as well, ruling Winterfell and plotting vengeance against those terrible Lannister’s and their sibling coitus.

Hopefully a tradition that endures on future seasons, the younger of the Stark brood (Sophie Turner as Sansa, Maisie Williams as Arya and Isaac Hempstead-Wright as Bran) have taken to adding their own musical flavors to the show’s intro in the Special Features of both seasons home video releases. Their Season 1 take is pretty great, but their beatboxing of the theme on the Season 2 discs is downright epic. King Joffrey stands not a chance against these formidable, adorable Stark children.

Season 1 Musical Accompaniment:

Season 2 Beatboxing Amazingness:

Source: HBO