Yesterday we showed you the first TV commercial from Cloverfield, and some folks on our message board commented that it didn’t seem like the spot was selling the monster. Well, Paramount ain’t that dumb – they’ve got a second spot and it’s all about the monster. It’s mostly iterations of the same footage we’ve seen, but this does include something new – a woman who has been bitten and then explodes. That’s actually not totally new – when I ran my trailer description I thought I saw two little monsters tearing this woman apart when it was in fact two guys in hazmat suits around here as she explodes – but in this commercial we hear a guy shouting ‘A bite! We’ve got a bite!’ and then everybody else in this makeshift hospital tent freaks out.

I think we’re mostly out of the viral marketing woods, and I’m glad to see strong, attention grabbing, Mr. Voice filled commercial selling the movie in the right way.

Cloverfield "Monster" TV Spot

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