There’s a joke about Paul Walker and movies about driving and his “wheelhouse” and such, but I’ll just allude to it and move on.

From director Mukunda Michael Dewil comes this Walker vehicle, Vehicle 19, which puts the guy behind the wheel for, seemingly, the entire film. About a guy in a vague foreign country full of vague menacing accents, said guy inadvertently picks up a rental car loaded with evidence of a police cover-up like a gun, a cellphone, and a bound-and-gagged woman. Car chases ensue, stakes are raised, etc. etc.

The film looks entertaining- what’s better than a good car chase? Walker still struggles with sounding at all serious or emotional when he speaks, but he’s got a lot of nice “stressed out” faces. Who knows if the budget allows for any worthwhile spectacle here, but we’ll find out when this thing hits (I assume) VOD around the release of Fast Six. If a theatrical run is in its future, there’s no date yet.

via JoBlo