The polls have closed! Congrats to the winners who did a very nice job of scaring me. Thanks for participating, everyone! More contests coming soon!



Do you live in the Twin Cities and want to see Fede Alvarez’ new Evil Dead before anyone else? You just might be in luck. I’m giving away passes to an advance screening. Some details:

  • When: April 2nd, 7:30
  • Where: Theatres at Mall of America
  • How: This is where it gets fun!

E-mail me at with the subject line “I Want to Send Me to EVIL DEAD.” In the body of the e-mail, I want you to scare the shit out of me*. Whether it’s a scary image, a spooky story, or a YouTube video, show me something scary (and legal, if you have to think about it before you send it, you probably shouldn’t send it). Also, if you wanted to send along a screengrab of you promoting this contest on Facebook or Twitter, that could only help your chances (hint, this was a hint).

So do your worst, Sewer Chewers, and reap the rewards! I have only a limited amount of tickets to give away, so the scarier the better!


*Contest ends Thursday, March 28th. Winners will be notified Friday.