upon a time, Stephen Sommers’s G.I.J.O.E. was threatening to go all A-list on us with the casting of George Clooney as Duke. Actually, that was never going to happen, but it’s fun to remember ridiculous casting rumors.

Now that the production has lowered its sights, they’re finally making headway in filling out some of the more significant roles. Though they’ve yet to land their Duke (I hear they’re out to Jeff Speakman), they have tracked down Scarlett and Storm Shadow. For the former, it’s Rachel Nichols, who’s probably best known for her fifth season stint on Alias. She also played one of "Charlie’s Angels" in Charlie Wilson’s War; unfortunately, I seem to have lost her in all the Emily Blunt and Shiri Appleby. That’ll happen. But I’m sure she’ll make a perfectly delectable Scarlett (and I hear they’re using that exact character design seen to your right).

As for Cobra Commander’s lackey Storm Shadow, it’s "Korean mega-star" Byung-hun Lee aka "The Guy I Remember from Chan-wook Park’s Joint Security Area". Though his visage will probably be covered with a mask for most of the movie, I think he’ll make a nice complement to Ray Park’s Snake Eyes.

For more details on these characters than I prefer to indulge/know, check out Latino Review‘s coverage. It’s the most. And expect more casting info to hit soon, as the movie is still scheduled for a February start (in anticipation of an August 7, 2009 release).