Ahh, the saga of Duke Nukem Forever.

For anyone who doesn’t know about the title, the sequel to the classic 3d shooter originally started development in April 1997. For the less quick witted among you, that’s 10 years. 10 long years and we haven’t seen anything more than a teaser trailer and a handful of images.

It’s long been a joke of the gaming world. Every year or so some new tidbit of news would come out of developer 3D Realms, but people stopped believing them, instead talking about the game just to just make fun of it, and its incredibly appropriate title.

But now a new teaser trailer has popped up on their website today. You can try clicking on that link and heading to their hosted video, but the site is getting absolutely slammed by people trying to see if this is for real. Instead, check the Youtube video below. (Thanks, Chunkylover53!)

Hmm. Course, it is just a teaser, but it’s not exactly anything that’s going to make anyone too excited.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Duke Nukem 3D. The third game in the series was one of the first I got up and running on my PC, and I believe the first I played over the internet with my friends (hey, don’t laugh! Hell, I first played Doom on the 32x! Console gamer through and through!)

The sense of humor was amazing, as was the way you could interact with damn near ever object in the game, including the strippers in the club as seen above. The weapons were like nothing in any game before, with both funny and functional uses like the freeze gun or the shrink ray. And sure, Duke unashamedly ripped off quotes from Ashley J. Williams, John Nada, and other cinematic bad-asses, but who didn’t appreciate playing as the guy?

There have been a few Nukem games released since the third, but they’ve either been expansion packs, misguided platformer/shooters (Duke Nukem: Time to Kill) or throwbacks to the original side scrolling shooters that started the series the world wouldn’t appreciate (Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project).

But can Duke Nukem hope to seriously compete these days? The world’s changed a lot since the original game was released… and there probably isn’t a more competitive field out there than first person shooters. This one’s going to have to be something special to win everyone over, and I’m just hoping they finally do it.

If it ever gets released at all, of course.