The cynic in me wonders if this trailer for Nim’s Island was ready to go a couple of days ago, or if the editing staff has been working around the clock since Jodie Foster made news by quietly outing herself.

The deeper cynic in me wonders if she actually did the outing to distract from this trailer, which looks like Romancing the Stone without the romance and with Abigail Breslin playing the stone.

Did Gerard Butler not read Devin’s recent article about him? Obviously this was made long before it was published, but if someone could forward it on to the guy, a lot of people will be happier in the long run. Between this and Game I’ve got to wonder if he hired an agent by replying to email spam.

I can see what they’re trying to do here, and I’m not saying that it isn’t going to work, but the flying lizard and goat/hand washing gags are the only two moments in the trailer that didn’t have my mouse hovering over the ‘close window’ button. Foster isn’t so much acting as hyperventilating and the parallels between this woman who doesn’t want to leave her house and The Brave One‘s are, quite frankly, creeping me out.

Head over to Yahoo to see the trailer in various definitions.