Ventimiglia, perhaps best known for being sexually assaulted by a certain webmaster at a Comic Con 2007 party, has joined Gerard Butler in Game, a futuristic action movie about a man trapped inside a Massively Multiplayer Online Game.

Ventimiglia is also known as one of the stars of Heroes, a television show that heaps scorn and disrespect upon all who watch it. He plays the fruity emo guy on that show. No, not the Asian one, the white one. Anyway, Ventimiglia is in tight with the directors of Game, Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine (aka, the mad geniuses behind Crank) – he starred in Pathology, a horror film they wrote.

Ventimiglia, who is creating a web-based Claymation series for American Eagle Outfitters*, is being cryptic about what role he plays in Game: ‘A very interesting futuristic character that’s not necessarily in control of himself,’ is how he described his character to Entertainment Weekly.

*hahaha, WHAT THE FUCK. Some stuff is so absurd I can’t even figure out an angle from which to make fun of it.