was sort of shocked to see people on our message boards complaining that the trailer for Roland Emmerich’s 10,000 BC featured characters speaking English. What a weird thing to nitpick about a movie that is obviously trying to be a big, dumb spectacle. I must have missed the memo when documentary realism became the watchword for bloated action films. Did those people walk out of 300 because Leonidas wasn’t chattering in Greek?

Speaking of 300 (but not speaking in Greek. Although I heard your mom speaks Greek, if you know what I mean. Booyakasha!), the new poster for 10,000 BC really is trying to remind you of that film. It combines that movie’s hunting the wolf imagery with the iconic Dudes Going Over the Cliff imagery. Of course I think that 10,000 BC is going to make 300 look like a learned discourse on Hellenic history, but what’s important is that Warner Bros is trying to remind you of how much you liked that film. This is the cycle of movie marketing: they’ll run 300 rip off campaigns into the ground and then flounder until the next surprise hit with a unique look dazzles everyone… and then rinse and repeat.

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