No, not referring to the recent Frank Miller loincloth and sandal CG fest, but the number of times I’ve thrown down review for Nick and you slobs who bother to read (take no offense, I’m as big a slob as any of you).

300.  I reached this milestone today.  This is more than any other DVD reviewer in CHUD history.  This includes three Veronica Mars, eight After Dark Horrorfest 2007, three Supernatural, four Smallville, four Saw, five NFL, six NBA, five Home Improvement, three Flintstones, five Dukes of Hazzard, three Desperate Housewives, three ER, and various individual reviews, including a gay vampire soap opera.  I’ve pretty much covered it all.

So am I writing this little bit of blog fluffery to toot my own horn?  Fuck yes I am.  300 is quite an accomplishment, for me at least.  I could try to be modest, but the hell with that.  I’ve worked my ass off for CHUD.  And I’ve been happy to do it.  I think this is the best entertainment website on the net.  Bar none.  Nick and the rest of us endeavor to continually bring you the best content we can, and not a lot of us ever get the recognition we’ve earned for it. 

Most of us do this gig for the love of it (and the occasional worthwhile free swag).  Beyond that, the only recompense we receive is the occasional comment from someone who took the time to opine on our musings.  My request to any and all of you is: if you feel anything for the work we do, let us know it, be it negative or positive.  It does make a dfifference to us.  I’d rather be told I suck than see a goose egg in the DVD thread (FYI, this is not an invitation to tell me I suck for the hell of it).

I do screenwriting by trade and aspiration, but it’s been quite a while that I’ve had an actual gig.  Nick has given me an outlet to exorcise the need to vomit my pissings of consciousness to a receptive audience.  I thank him for that.  I also thank any and all of you for reading.  I hope you’ve been entertained at least a bit.  I’ve enjoyed bringing the shit I’ve brought to you.  And trust me, a lot of it has been pure shit.  But that’s the gig.  And I’ve been honored to do it.