Page Six is reporting that John Travolta, molester of crippled old men, has been ‘let go’ from the long in development, long troubled film version of the TV soap Dallas, where he was set to play JR Ewing. The site claims that the role has now been passed on to one of Hollywood’s most overexposed comic actors, Ben Stiller.

Dallas has been roiling behind the scenes for years now; no one seems to have figured out how to make it work. The concept has morphed from a campy take on the soap to what is now being reported as a broad comedy about the behind the scenes aspects of the show. Which sounds like an E! original movie, if you ask me.

Stiller’s people deny that he’s in the movie or that he was even offered the part, but this is the internet, so that didn’t stop Page Six from running it. Fuck you and your fascist facts! You think Perez Hilton got where he is by having facts? Or being funny?