You'll live.

You’ll live.

Okay guys, breathe. Maybe sit down or something. Prepare yourself…


Ryan Gosling is going to take a break from acting.


I KNOW! Relax… we’re going to get through this guys. Together.

Yes, it’s true. He said so in an interview with the Associated Press. They’re pretty legit.


“Seriously, I promise. You’ll live.”

Yes! I realize that Gosling is proving to be one of the more provocative and compelling young actors out there.

NoNoNoNo- Calm down, I understand that motherfucker is handsome as fuck.

WHOA, put down the gun: he’ll be directing in the meantime.

Alright! Alright! Here’s what he said. Yes, exactly:

“I’ve lost perspective on what I’m doing. I think it’s good for me to take a break and reassess why I’m doing it and how I’m doing it. And I think this is probably a good way to learn about that. I need a break from myself as much as I imagine the audience does…¬†There’s a lot of pressure to be the lead of a film. I have done it. It’s not my favourite way to work… The more opportunities I’m given, the more I learn about how easy it is to fuck it up. You fight for freedom and then you get it, and then you have enough rope to hang yourself. It’s like trying to exercise some restraint, because I do have so much freedom.”

See, there you go. Guy has to work through some stuff, learn some things, decide where he wants to go while he stretches his wings in other arenas of filmmaking… Perfectly reasonable for an actor that has encountered such success in such a relatively short stretch of time. Don’t sweat it- you’ve got time to accept this: Gosling still has a film¬†with Malick, Only God Forgives with Refn, his upcoming Place Beyond The Pines with Cianfrance, and his directorial debut How To Catch A Monster. There’s a buffer before the shock hits too hard.

We’ll be starting a support group in the comments and on the boards. Just be honest, speak your feelings, and no judgements…

via The Guardian