So turns out the the new international trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness that Tim ran this morning is jam-packed with tiny, hidden URLs. Each web address leads to a different version of a new international poster, which you can see right here:


It’s a nice, sophisticated version of a very boring poster design, but there it is. Cumberbatch continues to be a super badass, vaguely menacing white dude, while the team is ready for incessant space action.

But what about those hidden URLs?

The team at Trek Movie did a nice job of digging them out, and man, they were pretty well hidden. Some examples:




And naturally they lead to posters for countries all over the world like, say, the Russian one-sheet…


So there you have it- some old JJ mystery games brought back for Trek. You can see all of the different posters and where the links were hidden in the trailer at the Trek Movie link above.