Dave Gibbons, the man who created Watchmen with Alan Moore, has made a visit to the film adaptation’s Vancouver set and likes what he sees. And how could he not – he came to visit on a pretty damn good day, when they were filming the one and only meeting of nascent supergroup The Crimebusters*. Also, he’s probably getting a couple of bucks out of the whole deal as a consultant or something, but let’s leave the filthy lucre out of this.

Or let’s leave it in! As you can see above, Gibbons got to pose with none other than Dollar Bill’s costume. Dollar Bill is one of the old school superheroes, a member of the Minutemen, whose career as a crime fighter came to an end when his cape got caught in a bank’s revolving door during a robbery. The look of that costume is perfect – the outfit hasn’t been modernized and looks just like what someone in a 1940s superhero serial might wear. I love it.

Click here to read part one of Gibbons’ blog about his trip. And keep an eye on the Watchmen production site – they’ve been really good about trickling out small, fun details.

*Here’s a question for those of you in the know out there. While visiting the set myself I was unable to ascertain whether or not The Crimebusters remain The Crimebusters or have been changed into The Watchmen. I have not read the latest draft of the script, so if you can assuage my fears on this one, please do so!