Online has confirmed that the new Bond girl will be actress Gemma Arterton, who played a naughty schoolgirl in the UK’s St. Trinian’s. Arterton is different from previous Bond girl Eva Green in two ways: no one in the US has ever heard of her, and only her gynecologist and lovers have seen her furry joybox.

While Empire has confirmed that Arterton is a Bond girl, they haven’t confirmed that she’s THE Bond girl – the girl with whom James mends his broken heart post-Casino Royale. Looking at her pictures, I can certainly think of a few things I’d be happy to Arterton mend, though – get it?* Meanwhile, pictures of Daniel Craig practicing some speedboat skills for a chase scene have popped up in the British tabloids. It’s interesting seeing the difference between how they cover this Bond movie and the last one – the headline is James Pond and not something obnoxious like Daniel Craig is All Wet or Daniel Craig Has a Tiny Penis and We Fucking Hate Him.

*wink wink, nudge nudge