transformers_4_______teaser_poster_by_andrewss7-d4l5apqJust exactly how Michael Bay and his team planned on pulling off a soft reboot of Transformers has been unclear up till now, though Bay has made it clear that they’re effectively starting from scratch design and story-wise, but not by going back or ignoring the old films. Well news out of Detroit tells us both that the production will shoot extensively in the Michigan city and what the general plot outline looks like.

Paramount has demanded that we take down the plot synopsis (even though they’re telling other sites it’s “inaccurate”) so here you go. I’m sure you’ll have profound trouble searching out what it said. In fact, Collider hasn’t yanked it yet (probably because the C&D is laughable bullshit that seems to suggest we’re not even able to type the words “Transformers 4″ without their permission), so use the via link and see it there.

And there you have it- a Terminator-esque approach in which the Transformers [do something], and ultimately [do stuff]. That’s a good enough excuse to redesign everything, as they’ll surely have to take new forms when they do inevitably come back. Not to mention whatever “ancient” force and/or new technology the humans come up with… all conduits for new design.

Exactly how Mark Wahlberg will work into the film remains unclear, insofar that it actually matters.

The film is set for June 27th, 2014, so this will be moving along quick. I’d expect a steady stream of robot stuff across the next 15 months.


via Collider