Monday: RoboCop is sighted eating fried chicken in South Korea.

Tuesday: RoboCop saves Sting at a pro wrestling event.

Wednesday: RobertCop reveals his existence to an unsuspecting populace.

Thursday: We’re in Japan. Only this time? There. Are. No more words.


Robot leg chopsticks FTW.

This isn’t Bob Harris shilling Suntory swill. This is RoboCop, our national treasure and President of the Pop Culture Icon Society! Is this awesome? Is it the worst thing ever? I can’t even begin to quantify!

I’ve had to be looking at shit like this all week. All I know is we can’t be having a bunch of RoboCops running around with refridgerators and chopsticks, eating noodles and fried chicken while RobertCop’s out there causing all sorts of chaos. Here’s the video in its entirety. I don’t even know what to believe in anymore. It’s like I died and went to heaven and found they still use shit like duct tape and paper plates there. If you’re reading this and you know me, send help:

There’s so many of them. Where’d they all come from? Were they killed by noodles and now they’ve returned to the scene of the crime (a delightful beach) seeking retribution?

Source: Thank you to reader Chudster for bringing this to our attention.