worldsendHey hey, we stateside folks will get to see the final Blood & Ice Cream Trilogy (Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz) film a bit earlier as The World’s End has shifted from an October release to an August 23rd, 2013 release. I know every film geek and his brother is itching to see the latest Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg/Nick Frost outing –which promises to be bigger and more epic than the two before it– and getting it that much sooner is that much sweeter.

That said, the happy news does come with the fact that it will now compete against Lionsgate’s You’re Next- the Adam Wingard horror film that has sat waiting for a release date for years now. The horror film played to great acclaim at TIFF in 2011 before being picked up and yanked from Fantastic Fest, which was only able to screen the film once to the fury of many a fest-goer. Waiting for the right time to release it, Lionsgate finally locked in on August of 2013 and let the film loose at SXSW this year, where it was, again, warmly received (I’ll be reviewing it this week).

YoureNext2011FilmIt’s never a fun thing for two exciting movies to butt heads like this. For all the optimistic “see both” talk that comes from fans, that doesn’t often happen in reality. Let us hope You’re Next doesn’t get lost in the shuffle in August.

Those concerns aside, this all just reinforces how fantastic of a year 2013 is shaping up to be.

Source | Film Stage