The fine gentlemen at RiffTrax have just unleashed their newest wit-filled commentary. The movie is Breaker! Breaker! starring Chuck Norris. This action-packed trucker drama features a bit performance from David Lynch regular Jack Nance, and the bad guy is none other than God from Star Trek V! For this release, they have made available a VOD version that has the commentary already synched on top of the original audio track. It’s simple, easy and ready to go.

RiffTrax is Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett, all formerly of Mystery Science Theater 3000. These are funny fellas who have practically mastered the art of riffing films and making it entertaining. This is the first time they’ve set their sights on the great Chuck Norris and the results are hilarious. Watch as our hero drives big rigs, arm wrestles and Karate kicks like a champion while wearing a Canadian Tuxedo (and check out The CHUD Show: RiffTrax Edition here).