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The last time I broke out one of these was for Justin Timberlake’s triumphant return to the pop charts- JT enlisted David Fincher and his mighty RED-M camera and with Jay-Z they made what I called “Dude Vogue.” Well lo and behold, JT’s second single ended up inspiring an equally awesome video, this time from director Floria Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.59.12 PMSigismondi (The Runaways, a ton of cool music videos). The song is the result of Timberlake deciding there was nothing stopping him from making a Zeppelin/Queen-esque pop epic, and thus “Mirrors” happened.

It’s another great track, and the video is an exceptionally classy, interesting affair. Meditating on age and romance, it recalls last year’s Best Foreign Film winner Amour, though it’s not as punishing to watch as a Haneke film (as you might imagine). When JT finally makes his appearance, it turns into an intimate dance number that just fucking oozes with high class and sophistication. Enjoy.