When I began my Monday I had no intention of writing a RoboCop piece each and every day this week, but here we are on Wednesday and I might as well keep the streak alive. To that effect, I submit for your perusal this fabulous action figure commemorating the release of


RobertCop 3!

Part cop, part machine, all Robert. Indeed, not much is known about the mysterious RobertCop action figure aside from the fact that he definitely exists, is definitely a cheap knock-off toy likely out of a country known for that sort of thing, and definitely forged by a person with poor translation skills. Poor RobertCop never caught on with mainstream audiences, though he’s certainly become a star in his own right, even generating his very own Facebook Fan Page. So here’s to RobertCop, the latest in a long line of OCP failures!

Source: Cracked via Christopher K. Grap