url-41Producer Neil Moritz has been scheming on a Goosebumps franchise for a lot of years now, hiring writers as far back as 2008 to turn the circa-90s kids lit horror series/TV show into a new feature franchise. There hasn’t been a hell of a lot of movement over the past half-decade, but we’re learning now that a writer has been hired and the project should be moving along shortly.

Rob Letterman is the man Sony has picked, and the choice suggests they’ll be sticking with the tongue-in-cheek tone of the books. The director is best known for his well-liked Monsters Vs. Aliens, though his Shark Tale and Gulliver’s Travel are best left unmentioned. He’s also got some writing projects in the pipeline that have not gone into production as of yet.

I feel like we’re still a few years out from some of the deeper-cut 90s IPs ripening for the big screen (or rather, that the audiences are ready for them), but Goosebumps is an easy sell at any point. A massive hit, the book series pulled from classic horror and scifi tales and ground them up into easily digested kid’s prose. Some fun could come from this- I’m eager to hear what story/stories they’ve chosen, and if the old script from Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski has survived in any form.


Source | Deadline