Street Fighter players, help me out here. Is there a name for when you hadouken, then jump across the screen and land in front of your own stupid fireball to get knocked out and lose the match? I need to know, because it’s what Emmy Rossum seems to be doing to her career by signing on to James Wong and Stephen Chow’s Dragonball.*

Not that I mind. I’d be perfectly happy to see Rossum relegated to a world of Starbucks Christmas CDs, Lifetime movies and bitchy fashion blogs. But seriously, I name-checked the girl roughly 48 hours ago, and now this?

(With knowledge of my power, can I just say: Akiva Goldsman. Akiva Goldsman, Akiva Goldsman, Akiva Goldsman, Akiva Goldsman. There. Either his career is over or he’s going to pop out of my mirror and slit my throat with Tony Todd’s big toenail.)

I also consider this my penance for being too lazy a few days back to post the news item about Jamie Chung joining the cast. The picture for this article is of her, obviously, not Rossum. You’re welcome.

Eriko Tamura (Mai on Heroes) has also signed on, along with K-pop star Joon Park, who’ll first be seen in Speed Racer.

*I’m aware that I’m mixing imagery with the whole hadouken/dragon ball thing, but I really don’t care. Street Fighter is so much more interesting than this crap.