I’m developing a strange pet peeve in my old age. Something I’ve noticed regarding sequel posters that, once seen, I’m afraid cannot be unseen.

In this arena of sequel posters, there’s perhaps no lazier device than tagging them with some variation of “[Insert character] is back.” Back from where? Oftentimes, we find that the characters in these films have been sitting tight in many the same spots we left them. Back to audiences? For audiences? That seems weird too, why would Riggs and Murtaugh come back for me? What’d I do?

There’s no shortage of these one-sheets, asking “Guess who’s back?” before shoving the answer into our faces.We often don’t know where they went, and we surely have no idea where they’ve been. The “IS BACK” poster tells you nothing other than saying “Hey, remember this guy/gal/group? Yeah, well, here they are again. What’d you expect? Magic tricks? Leave me alone, crafting these posters is why I drink.”

Here and now, I leave it to the Chewers. Let’s unite and make the most elaborate collection of “IS BACK” posters the internet has ever known. If you find more, feel free to link them in the comments section. I’ll throw it up on the site and tag you as the finder.:


Another48Hours BevCop2
Breakin2 Caddyshack2 ChildsPlay2 CrocodileDundee2 d2mightyducks DeathWish3 Deltaforce2 EFLA EFLA2 EFLA3 FridayJason Gossipgirl guyver2darkhero Halloween4 Hangover2 indianajones Jewel K92 KingKongLives LethalWeapon2

LookWhos NightmareOnElmStreet poltergeist2 Ridesagain RoboCop2 Robocop3 SisterAct2


From Donnie Sturges:

 DonnieAlien DonnieBack DonnieGhost

From User_32:


From Three Oranges: