10) I will be there! Say hi or take a swing at me, depending on your feelings.

9) Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, the first film on tonight’s double feature, is about a record producer based on Phil Spector. And despite being shot almost 40 years ago, the film is eerily prescient about Spector’s recent legal troubles.

8) Head, the Monkees movie that is the second film, was written by Jack Nicholson. Yes, that Jack Nicholson.

7) Beyond the Valley of the Dolls was written by Roger Ebert, who has sent along a written statement for Edgar to read to the crowd. Support Ebert!

6) Edgar Wright has handpicked the trailers that will run before each film. Judging by the amazing nuggets he has found so far, I’m psyched to see what he has up his sleeve. Also, Edgar personally chooses the music that plays on the theater speakers between shows! It’s all Wright.

5) The Carrie Nations, the fake band from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, are awesome.

4) Even though Head is a Monkees movie, I guarantee it is nothing like what you would expect from a Monkees movie. It’s pretty fucked up and weird.

3) The crowd at the New Beverly is amazing. Everybody is friendly and chatty, and it’s like being in a movie theater packed with your friends.

2) Edgar Wright is the most approachable guy on the planet. He’s open and friendly and warm, and he’s a constant presence at these films – he’s not disappearing into some VIP area, he’s sitting right in the front row, digging every frame with the audience.

1) Mickey Dolenz is going to be there! An actual Monkee is stopping by to talk about the film, and to hear me tell him that my very first concert was a Monkees show.

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls starts at 7:30, Head is after. There are no advance ticket sales, so head over early and get in line. Click here for the New Beverly’s site to get directions and more info.