First up, Trek news. Word is, the first teaser will be attached to Cloverfield. Surprise! None of us have been guessing that for months, no.

Moving on.

The trailer for Horton Hears A Who…lord help me, but I actually like the look. The look, mind you. Not the joke about Bert from accounting or Horton’s one liner or a Who flashing a gang sign. But the vulture and "Two times devoured!" got a chuckle.

Click the elephant to see the goods.

David Gordon Green’s Snow Angels is the flick here that actually gets me going — I know word out of Sundance was hit and miss, but I love this guy’s work, even when I don’t love his movies. If that makes sense. As a precursor to The Pineapple Express, I’ll take it. And if Beckinsale is actually acting…well, shit.

Click Sam Rockwell’s Christmas mug above to see the clip.

And then there’s Leatherheads.

If Clooney wasn’t directing, I’d probably be teetering on the verge of calling this a ready-made HBO series pilot rather than a top-line feature film. It looks funny, vaguely sassy and probably satisfying for football and fisticuff fans but really not far removed from the Sandler Longest Yard remake. And holy temples of Vishnu, did Renee Zellweger narrowly escape a headshrinking cannibal cult in mid-ceremony, or what?

John Krasinski looks solid, though, and the near screwball comedy banter looks like it works in his fight scene with Clooney. Click Clooney’s dome above for the trailer in your choice of definitiions.

Note: the HD version(s) of Leatherheads actually gave me some problems, so give ‘em a couple extra minutes to load.

Something else, something else…oh. Right. There’s also a trailer for Mamma Mia! Meryl Streep is in the movie and I still didn’t watch the trailer. I’d rather get toe cancer than have anything to do with the musical or anything it spawns. But go nuts, and feel free to tell me on the boards if I’m a jerk for not giving it a chance.

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