BLUNT GOSSIP.jpgEven a werewolf needs some love, and in Mark Romanek’s updating of the Universal classic The Wolf Man, he might be getting it from smoking hot Emily Blunt. A trusted source tell me that the role of Gwen, the Wolf Man’s love interest, has been offered to the eminently smashable actress, for whom I have had a jones since My Summer of Love (seriously worth renting for the art film lovers and dirty old men in the audience).

I have not read Andrew Kevin Walker’s script for The Wolf Man (and I’m not sure that the script that is out there is the most recent), but in the 1941 original Gwen was a local Welsh girl who runs an antique shop. She sells Larry Talbot his famous silver cane. I’ve heard rumors that the Gwen in the 21st century version will be married to Larry’s brother, making their love [gasp!] forbidden.

You have to imagine that most actors would be psyched for a chance to work with Benicio del Toro, so I’ll be keeping my ears open over the next few days to see if Blunt takes the role.