"It’s one thing to preserve a film that has been made. It’s another to preserve a film that’s not been made."

Has that ever been done before?

"No. But we’re going to do it."

Name directors often take commercial gigs to have a little fun or make some extra cake. But Scorsese is new to the game of selling shit, which makes this Spanish-funded long-form commercial for champage even more remarkable.

The conceit is that Scorsese has found three unfinished and unproduced Hitchcock script pages and wants to shoot them as Hitch would have. Bookended between an intro and ending that feature the always entertaining Scorsese is a pretty fantastic bit of faux-Hitch featuring a hidden key, classic titles and Joseph Cotton and Eva-Marie Saint lookalikes. There are even some fun bits in the credits, like the male and female leads named Roger and Gracie Thornberry.

This has been floating around the net for a couple weeks, but I didn’t catch it until it showed up at Twitch. Regardless, it’s tremendous fun.

Click here to see the short; have thirty minutes handy because you’ll probably want to watch it more than once.