UPDATED: Lionsgate has told Superhero Hype that the conversation(s) referred to below were created by a fake Lexi Alexander, not the director of the upcoming Punisher flick.

It’s all still funny, though.


Here’s some OFN. The Punisher: War Zone director Lexi Alexander has been talking to the people. Specifically, to the unwashed masses over at the Superhero Hype message boards, where forum members have asked dozens of questions about the upcoming film.

Lexi has addressed useful questions like:

You mentioned you loved Marines, will Frank be a Marine this time or (PLEASE NO!) an ex Army Ranger/FBI-agent?

His character is an ex-U.S. Marine and veteran of the first Gulf War. I am a big fan of the Vietnam background of the character and particularly his portrayal in the Born storyline but unfortunately there is no practical way to incorporate this into his background for War Zone. There would need to be quite a big shift in time lines and artistic license is something you can’t really have when dealing with factual events, particularly something as significant as the Vietnam war.


When will we see a trailer?

We are due to leave Montreal next week at which point we will begin to cut together the teaser trailer but we haven’t been advised as to when it will be shown to the public.

She’s also hit less useful ones like:

Does Frank Castle get to break anyone’s knee caps? Just a sheer brutal kick to the knee cap… I’ve always wanted to see Castle do that.

I’ll keep that suggestion in mind. Let’s just say he breaks lots of things.

She’s even vaguely answered one of the two most important questions on the board, asked by Punisher_04: Lexi, will there be some type of metal music played in War Zone (hopefully during an action scene)? (As for licensed music, we haven’t gotten to that yet but rest assured I’ve been listening to some of your suggestions and any more you guys would like to make would be welcome.) No one seems to have stepped up to recommend Manowar in the wake of that comment, though.

If you’re audacious, hit page one of the (currently) nine-page thread. Or, for the timid, go straight to Lexi’s list of posts.

Cagefighterkip’s poser still hasn’t been addressed, however: is there any guts and intestines going flying about? cuz there needs to be.

Well, Lexi? We’re waiting.

Meanwhile, the folks at indie-centric film site IonCinema have dubbed War Zone the Lemon of the Week, based on a lot of hearsay and second-hand info. I don’t expect anything but a basic action flick out of this effort, but even with that in mind it seems a little early to go so far down the damning road. We don’t even stoop that far…do we?