An AICN contributor, who wrote in after seeing Daniel Craig interviewed on the UK talk show The Morning Interview, might have some clues to the title of Bond 22. Asked about the title of the upcoming Bond flick, he said (paraphrased, as per the contributor) "It’s more of a number. Because the first movie dealt with him earning his 00 status and now he is 007 for the first time."

Thus, propagating the rumor that Bond 22 will simply be called 007.

When asked to confirm that as the title, Craig shied away, dodged lasers fired from the Broccoli estate and offered to ruin the rewritten ending of the Golden Compass sequel as a distraction.

I can live with 007. Though, in one of the few perceptive user comments I’ve seen on the site, one talkbacker noted that 007 might be difficult to turn into a theme song. What’s the precedent for instrumental Bond themes? Or, they could have Fergie do it.