url-36The GIFs below are taken from the documentary The Making Of A Hero, which was a behind-the-scenes look at the production of Tim Burton’s Batman from around the time of its release. I love them because together they form a version of Shumacher’s shameless suiting-up sequences in his sequels, except with clumsy rubber stretching and boring accent pieces being attached, not to mention the pair of people shoving the cowl down onto a racoon-like Keaton. There’s a strange, hilarious rhythm to the first GIF in particular- one that someone, somewhere has probably found erotic.

It seems like this doc has shown up on some DVD published at some point, but doesn’t seem to be on the big set WB released for the original franchise (perhaps a chewer will correct me on that.) It’s all available on YouTube though, so I’ve embedded the pieces below. I got sucked in unexpectedly- perhaps you will too.






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