Looks like we have an explanation for Batman’s forlorn gaze from that high rise window…

Woulda never guessed it.

Credit where it’s due: over the last couple of weeks, Warner Brothers has run one of the smartest viral marketing campaigns I’ve ever witnessed. Of course, I could be biased on account of getting to answer Devin’s Joker phone a few times, but, hey, anything to keep me from making Batman Begins third act cracks, right?

That said, I hope this recent burst of Batman and Joker one sheets (culminating with the debut of the latest teaser trailer before I Am Legend) is the end of it for now. Devoid of content or purpose (beyond selling a movie), this campaign will definitely go from clever to all-out annoying in a hurry. I’m sure Warner Brothers is aware of this, and will begin easing up on the accelerator before Christmas, but just in case they’ve got a whole rash of shit planned for New Year’s… well, I’ll happily ring in 2008 by revisiting the logical fallacy of "I won’t kill you, but I don’t have to let you live".

Until that most unhappy day, here’s the other new teaser poster that’s been kicking around.