lynneramsayI don’t know if there was a more strange yet brilliant pitch for a film last year than “Lynne Ramsay directs Natalie Portman in a protect-the-fort western,” but that was exactly what the We Need To Talk About Kevin director lined up for her fourth film. It was an exciting production: packaged and sold at Cannes, it was set with the buzzing director of one of 2010’s most interesting films joining up with Natalie Portman shortly after the end of her acting hiatus, all to bring a blacklisted western to life.

And now it’s all fucked!

According to Deadline, the production has been halted in the worst way: Lynne Ramsay has simply refused to show up for what would have been the first day of shooting. What went down the weekend before is unclear, but there is clearly some seriously nasty shit going on between her and her producers.

The shoot will apparently go on- a new director is being lined up as the crew continues to be paid and the actors use the time to rehearse. Ramsay’s deal was “pay or play” which means she got her money regardless of whether the film actually came together or not. I don’t know what happens if you abruptly fuck off from the production after it’s ready to roll though.

I really want to hear Ramsay’s side of the story, as right now it’s all the producers and Finke telling the tale. There’s no way this is not ugly when Portman, of all people, is finding out as she gets to set to do her job.

This one is sure to develop more very soon, so keep your eyes peeled here.


via BAD