Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 12.21.06 PMBack in 2011 I wrote up a small but incredible action short called The Stampede, which was created by chewer Ilya Naishuller and showcased just how awesome a 1st-person action sequence could be. Perfectly paced and blocked, the short was exhilarating and exploited the unique angle of view with care and invention.

Well now Mr. Naishuller is back, and he’s made something even more incredible.

Given a chance to create a sequel to The Stampede as an official music video for the Biting Elbows track “Bad Motherfucker,” Naishuller pulled out all the stops and has created a new short that blows the old one out of the water. Bigger effects, crazier stunts, and a heavy does of extra violence means this fulfills all of the expectations of a second action movie, and does so in a mere few minutes.

I can also tell you that Naishuller’s work is not going ignored. I can’t even begin to hint at what’s in store from him, but people are paying attention to the work he’s managing with a simple GoPro and a ton of clever resourcefulness. Some huge movies like, say, Evil Dead have been put in the hands of filmmakers noticed because of striking shorts and low-budget features lately, and that trend is likely to continue. I don’t know when or with what, but you can count on that happening again.

Watch this badass go:

I look forward to keeping up with Mr. Naishuller’s developments, and doing so real soon…