I visited the set of Screen Gems’ Prom Night last summer (coverage coming soon!), but, to be honest, a few hours spent watching a group of high school kids traipse into a ballroom wasn’t terribly indicative of how the PG-13 remake might turn out. The set was certainly running smoothly under Nelson McCormick’s direction, whose television background was apparent in the multiple camera set-ups and the general efficacy of the crew. And the star, Brittany Snow (Amber von Tussle from Hairspray), was cute and poised and all those things young actresses are supposed to be when they talk to the press.

One element of the film that was stressed repeatedly by McCormick, Snow and the producers was "psychological". In other words, "We’re making a PG-13 slasher movie, so, in lieu of blood, we’re going to go heavy on jump scares." I guess that’s what they’re trying to put across with this just-debuted one-sheet (via Shock Til You Drop):

There’s a paucity of Jonathan Schaech here, but, otherwise, not bad. Prom Night ’08 is currently scheduled to open wide April 11, 2008.