Paramount’s not showing the opening of Cloverfield to you, probably because that’s all boring get to know the characters stuff. Instead they’re showing the first five minutes of the monster’s attack on New York City, starting from a NY1 news report seen at a party going all the way to massive destruction in the streets.

Watch the footage below and then ‘grab’ the widget and place it elsewhere – your blog, your friend’s MySpace pages, someone’s memorial site at Memory Of, wherever. Whoever gets the most people to ‘grab’ the widget from them gets to have an early screening for their friends. So go do this, and then read my thoughts on the footage after the widget below.

There’s something I loved in that footage, and it was all the people taking pictures of the Statue of Liberty’s head. If the film continues like that – being thought out and realistic – it could be a winner. I know that some of you – including some of the other people who work on this site! – think I’m down on this movie in general. I’m not. I’m down on the viral marketing garbage we’ve had, and I’m being realistic – this movie cannot keep up this level of action for the whole running time simply because the budget wouldn’t allow it. I want a big, carnage filled giant monster movie as much as anyone else, I just don’t believe that this is what Cloverfield will end up being. I’d love to be wrong, of course, but economics tell me I’m right.