’s the latest thing in movie marketing: show the audience a big clip from the beginning of the movie. This obviously only works if the beginning of your movie is strong, and I think they’re fudging it anyway – the AVP-R clip was the first ten minutes crammed into five, and the new clip from I Am Legend, which you can see here, doesn’t feel like the very opening scene of the film.

I haven’t seen I Am Legend – I’m waiting for Russ’ review just like you guys – but I will say that the streaming format does this clip’s CGI effects no favors. This is one of the big problems with showing FX heavy clips online – if you’re not giving it in a good format, like Quicktime, your movie is going to look like shit. And people make snap judgments on movies based on these clips.

So check out the I Am Legend clip, and if you see the movie in theaters this weekend you’ll catch the trailer for The Dark Knight. And according to the press release I just got in my email, you’ll be able to see that trailer online come Monday.