Phantasm II is a serious film. It’s one of the more enjoyable of the Phantasm movies, and yet it is still arguably one of the best (or worst!) of the series. Whether you are a great fan or a detractor of the film, Phantasm II made enough of an impact on late night cable television in the early nineties, that a generation of cult film fans still remember key points of the film even if they haven’t seen it for years. The Tall Man, the flying spheres, the Star Wars style midgets and of course Reggie’s sawed-off shotgun. These are images that stick and stick hard.

We’re lucky to have a company like Shout!Factory these days. Classic cult films are getting tired treatments from distribution companies that used to be reliable and exciting. Scream Factory is finally turning that around and making new and old audiences excited again for quality DVD and Blu-ray releases of films such as They Live, Halloween II & III and the brilliantly bizarre classic TerrorVision. Now they’re releasing Phantasm II back into the world in a big way and many are very excited. Check out this classic TV spot and get ready for March 26.

Also, revisit this great write-up from Joshua Miller about the film: FRANCHISE ME: Phantasm II