Quite often I run in to people who hear I’m in film school and go “Can’t you just start making things and learn it that way?” Let me tell you how annoying it is to hear that crap. Yes there are people who haven’t gone to film school and have had amazing careers. There are also a ton more who have had no career whatsoever. I’m one of those that believes somewhere between the option of going to school and not going to school there is a happy medium. I know you’re thinking its impossible but alas there is a way. You see a true student of film making takes every opportunity to advance their knowledge of film. I don’t mean just watching movies and reading books. I mean looking at a film and breaking down the film so you can learn from it. I feel like very few films make this an easy task but then again making films isn’t easy. Well I have the first film I have ever see that makes it kind of easy. The movie is Paris, Je T’aime.

This is a must watch for anyone looking to start making films or is already making films. Usually people start with short films for budget reasons and the key to any short film is being able to get something across in a short period of time. Well here is 20 examples of how you can evoke emotion, tell a good story, and leave people wanting more. While not every short is spectacular they all do the same thing. They open well and they close leaving you satisfied. They are all interesting stories and most don’t involve anything extravagant except they are shot in Paris. Though while Paris and love is the underlying theme of all the films it certainly is capable of doing the same thing with any short film. Each one is a valuable example and lesson in short film making.

I recommend anyone who is in to films and especially writing or making short films watch this film right away. Also keep an eye out because they are also making New York, I Love You which I’m sure will be equally interesting.