Man, a couple of days ago I had a great headline: Xzibit-Files. See, Xzibit is going to be in X-Files 2, and there’s that X in common between them and… well, anyway, I got distracted and didn’t run the story. But now I’ve run the gag!

Speaking of X-Files 2, filming has begun and spy photos from the set are online – photos that show shocking things like Mulder in a coat, and Amanda Peet. The pictures are pretty fucking dull, but what they really do is let us finally understand and believe that an X-Files sequel is real and is happening. Yet another vaporfilm to cross off my list.

What I’m most interested in for X-Files 2 is how they recover from the truly atrocious series finale. I imagine that Mulder and Scully will be apart, despite ending up together. Also, inside sources inform me that Xzibit will play a black guy. I trust these sources, but as always, take all scoops with a grain of salt. Beyond that I couldn’t speculate.

By the way, if anyone from Fox is reading this, I think would be a great site to send to the Vancouver set of X-Files 2. I’d even be willing to revisit the Doggett years if we got to go up there. Call me!