A couple weeks back we got to witness a rare display of animal behavior. The Happy Madison film Strange Wilderness snuck up on Nick in leonine stealth mode then tore out his throat with the comedic promise of Kevin Heffernan, Jonah Hill, Steve Zahn, Jeff Garlin, Justin Long and a goddamn holy trinity of amazing: Joe Don Baker, Harry Hamlin and Ernest Borgnine.

Now, thanks to a red band trailer for the flick, you can add breasts, a bong, a couple of ‘fucks’ and a turkey biting Steve Zahn’s dick.

If you watched the clip Nick originally linked to, this trailer won’t come as much of a surprise. It’s almost ostentatiously resticted and dims my expectations for the film more than a little bit. The basic conceit is still better than anything else Fred Wolf has cooked up since Dirty Work — I can take a more gratuituous Life Aquatic parody of nature shows with no problem, especially with Bigfoot added. But really, a turkey on Zahn’s dick? Isn’t that just a joke they couldn’t shoehorn into National Security?

Click here to see the trailer. No age verification required, though it’s definitely NSFW.