have not been paying attention to the new Knight Rider TV series. I have a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, and I can’t allow myself to think about revisits of shitty 80s TV shows that scarred me for life* while there are still chores to be done around the house. I need to have priorities.

But all that changed this morning when it was announced that the voice of KITT, the talking car, will be none other than Will Arnett, one time star of Arrested Development and about two hundred movies in development (he’s been really busy in films, but they’ve all been bad or just done badly. Arnett’s the best thing in almost all of his movies, but he doesn’t usually have much competition. The projects all sound promising when they’re announced, too!). Arnett’s got a great voice, but I hope that they cast him for more than his golden throat. I’m hoping that the new KITT has the same wry, deadpan humor that makes me love Arnett so much.

NBC unveiled the new KITT today in Burbank, but who cares. It’s a fucking car that is being ADRed. But Will Arnett… this is news!

I was going to include some video of Arnett showing off his voice over chops on Arrested Development, where his character GOB had a dummy for a while, but I guess Fox is pretty good about keeping that shit off YouTube.

*Knight Rider had the only Devin in popular culture when I was in grade school. Devin Miles was my unofficial nickname (as I have mentioned in the past, Deg, or Deggie, was my official nickname. Someone reminded me that Deg was my ‘graffiti tag.’ I mostly tagged school blackboards.)