You’ve probably seen a short cartoon called REJECTED at least once over the last thirteen years, but did you know that the creator of “My spoon is too big!” is actually a prolific and talented filmmaker? Don “My anus is bleeding!” Hertzfeldt has been making films for nearly twenty years now and has been very involved in the current state of independent animated short films. His accomplishments are profound and just this year recently he acted as Juror for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Now, with the help of Vimeo’s HD VOD distribution service, we can see his most recent work for cheap.

A film that blends traditional animation, stop motion and experimental tricks and techniques, It’s Such a Beautiful Day is sixty-two minutes of challenging visuals, dark humor and existentialism. Don Hertzfeldt conceived this as a short film trilogy and since the first part, Everything will be OK, was released in 2006, the trilogy has gone on to win over ninety awards from the Sundance, Fargo and Ottawa film festivals just to name a few. For six dollars you can download a digital copy of the feature film and according to the director, 90% of your purchase goes to the source and the other 10% goes to unnamed African warlords (but not really.) Check out the trailer below and enjoy:

IT’S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY Trailer from don hertzfeldt on Vimeo.