url-25Last week I brought you some images from the Game Of Thrones Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX, which spiritually opened up SXSW. Well now they’re spiritually punctuating the festival as well, with a new gallery space devoted to artists Tyler Stout and Ken Taylor, certainly Mondo’s two most popular artists.

The line for this event has been (and still is) absolutely insane, and is something of corporeal representation of the Mondo servers during a poster drop. People have been lined up and camping out for this thing like a Star Wars release, with the first fan showing up at 1am two nights before the opening, and hundreds of fans joining up until opening (occurring simultaneously with this publishing). The line was blocks long when I passed through for a press visit.

The new work was almost exclusively screenprints, and is thus more limited than most Gallery shows. You’ll see all that appeared in the gallery below. I’m not sure if there are plans to hold over prints for an online release, as this seems like the rare kind of event wherein prints will sell out from in-person sales alone. We’ll see I guess.


This also marks the debut of the vinyl pressing of the Drive soundtrack, pictured below as well. That they are definitely holding over a portion of the pressing for online sales on the 22nd.

This a truly awesome collection of work, and they included some special stuff: metal prints of both Stout’s Drive posters, as well as an extremely limited wood-printed version of Stout’s Django poster. Check it all out!

One final note: I was able to briefly meet with both artists and they are both extremely sweet, humble dudes. They’re just as blown away by their success as anyone else…

Ken Taylor’s First Blood


A row of Tyler Stout’s second Drive print, including a metal printing.


The metal print:


A glowing variant:


The already-announced Tyler Stout Drive print, including a glow and metal print, pictured with the new vinyl pressing of the soundtrack.




Ken Taylor’s Watchmen


Close-up of the Drive vinyl:


Ken Taylor’s An American Werewolf In London (blue varient + original):



Ken Taylor’s Metropolis. A truly stunning print in person.


Tyler Stout’s Attack The Block


Tyler Stout’s Attack The Block (glowing varient).


Ken Taylor’s Silence Of The Lambs


Tyler Stout’s Django Unchained poster, printed on a 1/4″ sheet of wood!


Tyler Stout’s Labyrinth handbills & sketch:


Tyler Stout’s Un Prophete


Obviously these are all just images I snapped in person. Below is a load of the .JPEG version for you to appreciate details. The Ken Taylor works is via Collider, the Stout stuff via /Film. Visit both to see all of regulars with their variants, and read interviews with the artists.