STUDIO: Warner Home Video
MSRP: $19.98
RATED: Not Rated
RUNNING TIME: 298 minutes
• Access Top-Secret Files from the Teen Titans: Know Your Foes Featurette Gallery

The Pitch

Five crazy kids use their powers to save humanity. Well, everyone except Robin. He smacks things around with a sweet bo staff.

The Humans

Scott Menville, Greg Cipes, Khary Payton, Tara Strong, Hynden Walch and Ron Perlman

The Nutshell

Once upon a time, a Wolfman and a Perez saved a failed concept from DC’s Archives. They teamed up Batman’s sidekick with six other teens and then watched as their comic totally owned The Uncanny X-Men. Now, Warner Brothers Animation carefully picks what they want out of those classic stories to bring together anime infused tales for a new generation. Watch as Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven fight Trigon for the last time.

Meatloaf vs. the Martians: The Animated Series never quite took off.

The Lowdown

Teen Titans: The Complete Fourth Season is another example of where Warner Brothers Animation decided to take the animated DC Comics properties after the conclusion of Justice League Unlimited. While I and several other fan communities don’t agree with the decision, it has opened up the characters to kids that don’t know a thing about the Titans. This season was originally supposed to be the final season, but those same kids kept it on the air. While the fifth and final season got a couple of episodes with the Doom Patrol, you get a sense of closure with this season that feels right.

Giant Asian Man
Robin feeling slight pinch
Think of Gotham City

Trigon and Deathstroke spend the year building up their forces, as they prepare to kill the Titans. Raven is being forced to become the Dark Destroyer that she has been destined to turn into since birth. Then, Beast Boy gets a job at a fast food joint. That’s the kind of problems with this show. Every time that they had something to say and a point, they blow it with a dumb episode. The whiplash setup of the thirteen episodes had to be tiresome even for children. But, it ended well.

The show took a cue from the first storyarc of New Teen Titans Volume 2, as Raven went through the most drastic changes of any character on the show yet. Deathstroke undergoes character changes that reveal the terrible cost he paid for his resurrection and we begin to see Robin start to crack as a leader. The finale is high drama for the tween set, but it means well and it aims for the heart. That’s better than the endless line of shows that are designed to get kids to collect all the peripherals and to make you stand in-line endlessly for concert tickets.

Dr. Light always unleashed his inner rape power to score bonus points.

The Package

Teen Titans: The Complete Fourth Season is another lightweight set for an animated season release. The Know Your Foes featurette is nothing more than a quick rundown of whom the Titans fought this season. Similar to the highlight reel on The Batman Season 4 release, there’s nothing that special about it. A commentary here or there could’ve worked wonders. They could’ve even coughed up a little cash to do a featurette where Perez, Wolfman and other Titan creators talk about the original stories that led to the creation of this season-long storyarc.

This single frame means more to me than Inland Empire.

Hell, they’ve had Marv Wolfman write a few episodes for this series. Wolfman would’ve been available, it just stings that they didn’t even bother to make the effort. The A/V quality is on par with other similar releases. The Dolby Digital track pushes all of the sound to the front channels with no information going to the rear. The transfer is on par with a really clean digital copy on a DVR. In the age of TiVO, you would think that the studios would give us a reason to buy the TV on DVD sets. But, the lack of special features coupled with the slightly lame nature of the show drops this release into the gutter.

Look, kids! It’s Old Bruce Wayne dipped in Chromium in still in his original Mylar screenshot.

5.1 out of 10