I’m a relative newcomer to Saint’s Row, in that it was only the spring after SR 3 hit that I decided to finally break down and give the series an honest go. Fast forward two months, I pretty much mainlined the entire thing. The “It’s better than GTA” people are out of their minds, but never in this life will I deny the series has its charms. Like exiting the penthouse I own by BASE-jumping a chubby purple-haired trenchcoat wearing Asian hipster chick off the 70th story before jacking a bystander’s car Bo Duke style after the landing. Stuff like that.

So, I gladly share the joy contained in this teaser for Saint’s Row 4, newly resurrected from THQ’s ashes. More costumes. More weapons. More space-based insanity. More unnecessary nudity. Just plain more.  And Deep Silver is apparently feeling pretty confident in their newly adopted baby, seeing as the release date is now set for August 23rd. This puts them, for the first time, right in GTA‘s face. Yep, that’s not an invitation for things to get ugly at all. Enjoy.


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