talk: To how many projects can one man be attached? Even a man as big, giving and energetic as Guillermo del Toro? It seems like every week adds another movie to his list; the guy’s calendar must be booked through 2017.

The latest film to supposedly attract GDT’s interest as a director is Haters, based on a book (called just Hater) by David Moody. It’s set up at Universal, according to JoBlo. They also know the plot of the book: Society is rocked by a sudden increase in the number of violent assaults on individuals. Christened ‘Haters’ by the media, the attackers strike without warning. Their attacks are brutal, remorseless and extreme. There are no apparent links between the Haters or their victims and no obvious reason for their violence. In seconds rational, controlled people become vicious killers. Everyone – irrespective of race, gender, age, sexuality or any other imaginable difference – has the potential to become either a Hater or a victim. This is a terror which knows no boundaries. You can no longer trust anyone, no matter how well you think you know them. You can no longer trust yourself. By the end of today you could be a killer. By the end of today you could be dead.

This film sounds like the worst nightmare of all my playas out there.

Guillermo is currently working on post-production for Hellboy II: The Golden Army, which is hitting theaters next summer. After that he has a zillion potential projects, including At the Mountains of Madness and The Champions, plus probably three more he signed on to before breakfast. You have to love this guy’s motivation.