I doubt it quite breaks any budget-to-budget records, but Colin Trevorrow stepping up from his micro-budget, Mark-Duplass-starring indie comedy that made a few million bucks to the director’s seat for Jurassic Park Fucking 4 has to be one for the books.


The Safety Not Guaranteed director –whose name was bandied about for Star Wars Episode VII briefly– has taken the gig, which will put him under Spielberg and Frank Marshall to direct a script written by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes). He’ll surely be getting started right away, as the film is already slated for June 13th, 2014!

Presumably this takes Flight Of The Navigator out of Trevorrow’s hands, or delays it for quite some time.

I remain extremely skeptical of the response to the preciously dull Safety Not Guaranteed, but it’s almost a moot point- what are we really supposed to read from that film that applies to one’s ability to direct a tentpole reboot of a Steven Spielberg monster franchise with The Beard himself involved? Sincere congrats to Trevorrow, and I’ll start crossing my fingers for the 3D flick- who doesn’t want a kickass dinosaur movie, after all?

Stupid dickheads, that’s who.

Source | Deadline